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Masterled LED Lighting for professionals and home users
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MasterLed: LED Lighting Specialists for home, commerce and industrial use

You will find the best LED lighting in our online store, where we can oofer the maximum quality and Spanish manufacturing warranty, with the lowest price. Keep reading for more information...

LED Lightbulbs, the best choice for power and cost efficiency

Whatever the LED light bulb you need, you will find it in our catalog: GU10 LED Lamps, E14, E27 socket... Because, switching all of your home lighting to LED lighting you will save money and power, because old incandescent bulbs needed an estimate of 60-watt to illuminate our living room, and now you can achieve the same results with 7-Watt LED Lightbulbs, getting the same amount of lumens.

With this new technology lighting you can save up to €200 yearly in your electricity bill...

Not just LED bulbds, you will be able to switch all of your lights to LED technology...

This vanguard lighting tech offers us different kinds of devices to decorate and light our home. We can offer you: Recessed installation LED spotlights, LED Panels, Surface mounted panels, LED Tubes to replace fluorescent lighting, indoors and outdoors range of products with water resistant encasing, and much more. ALL the lighting you need, in one place.

And use them for all kind of purposes: home, commerce and industrial

Specially indicated for stores, supermakets and also the industrial sector where lighting is of the utmost importance. Lighting is one of the primary factors inciding in user and client purchase decision from the very entrance of our store to the payment counter. And finally, within Factory and industry production, rest and exhibition zones, lighting will affect productivity, clients visiting, reunions ambience and environment and much, mucho more.

Not changing to LED yet?