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Service directed only to electricity/lighting professionals who are registered as such, and only those who meet the requirements listed below:

  • A replacement equipment will be offered, in cases where the client cannot be left without service, due to a failure or defect within the warranty period.

  • The claim should be processed as any other, meaning, sending an email to incidencias AT homekit.es, and a solution will be provided within 24h.

  • We will offer the same equipment, or one with the most similar light features and characteristics possible, so in case its required, the customer isn't left without service during the repair period.

  • This service will be provided a long as there is equipment in stock. Otherwise, a different solution will be evaluated.
    This service is only offered for industrial or commercial use equipment, which purchase value justifies management and handling costs.

  • When it is agrees the shipping of the replacement equipment, the courier will pick up the damaged unit at the time of the delivery.
    ONLY in extraordinary cases, caused by the high cost of replacement (i.e. Crane rental) the replacement unit(s) will be sent prior to the damaged unit being picked up. In the last case, the customer must justify such circumstance.

  • Upon inspection of the damaged device, if not covered by warranty, Masterled reserves the right to apply charges for handling and repair.
  • Once the repair has been carried out, 2 solutions will be offered:

    1. The customer should keep the replacement unit. In this case there will be no cost for the customer.
    2. The customer should wish for the repaired equipment to be sent back. In this case, the customer will bear the shipping cost of the replacement equipement. being Masterled the one who bears the shipping of the repaired unit.

  •  This service is not a part of the warranty, it is a courtesy from Masterled towards their customers.

This is an exclusive Masterled offer for the benefit of their customers, if any of these confitions are breached, Masterled cannot offer this service.
Only available for Spanish territory.