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LED products

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In our LED lighting online store, you can buy LED bulbs, dichroic lamps, downlights, rail spotlights, LED spotlights, LED tubes, LED strips, LED floodlights, and all the fittings you need in order to have a proper, long-lasting, affordable lighting for your home or business.

All of out products come with a Spanish warranty, ensuring you the highest reliability when buying LED bulbs.

Products by page

Products by page

Masterled, the best option to buy LED bulbs

The world of LED lighting is here to stay. If you have decided to buy LED bulbs, you have chosen the best type of lighting. Besides being an affordable lighting choice, high-luminosity LEDs offer many other advantages. The main advantages when buying LED bulbs are of an environmental and economic nature. One of the main environmental advantages is that LED bulbs do not contain heavy materials nor mercury. They do not generate as much heat as conventional bulbs, which means a lot of energy is saved in air conditioning. Using LED bulbs means less light pollution, since the light usually emitted by LEDs is fully directed. These long-lasting bulbs help preserve the environment, since fewer bulbs a year are needed when buying LEDs, and fewer materials are required for their manufacturing. Another important advantage is that they do not emit infra-red or ultra-violet radiations. As for economic advantages, their high energy efficiency has to be remarked,saving up to 85%. Their durability, between 15,000 and 50,000 hours. The switch on and provide the maximum luminosity instantly. Another relevant factor is that the replacement, maintenance and labour costs are also reduced thanks to their durability. One of the greatest advantages when buying LED bulbs is that they do not require a bulb socket replacement, since there are different options for each of the products that can be found in the market. Buy cheap LED bulbs on our online shop. We are experts in LED lighting solutions and we offer you all the products related to this market with the best warranty. If you need help, we will advise you and we will solve any doubts that you may have regarding LED lighting.