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productos led garantia 2 años entrega en 24 horas precios led iva no incluido equivalencia lámparas led

On many occasions, buying cheap LED bulbs can end up being very expensive, since many distributors do not guarantee that they work properly. All of the energy-efficient LED bulbs offered on Masterled have been thoroughly checked one by one and they come with a Spanish warranty, for realiability when buying your LED bulbs. All of our LED bulbs are perfect both for the household and for the industry.

Products by page

Products by page, the best LED bulbs with the best value for money.

We are leaders in the distribution of cheap bulbs, but their affordable price does not imply low quality or faultiness. Not all the cheap LED bulbs in the market go through our strict quality checks. Not all the LED bulbs are the same, and knowing which one is is the most suitable is not easy. Sometimes, we find models with 4 to 5 LEDs only, while other models use many more than that. The amount of LEDs does not indicate the bad or good quality of the bulb. An LED bulb will emit more light depending on the active material in it, and on whether they are normal ordichroic lamps, that is to say, made of the material turning electricity into photons. Depending on the amount of active material,the LED bulb will be cheaper or more expensive. Cheap LED bulbs usually include 12 to 20 lower-quality LEDs. This can entail problems, especially if they are connected in series, when all of them will fail if one of them does. Nonetheless,  multiple-LED bulbs are not always bad, since this depends on the quality of each individual LED. A bulb can have 20 good-quality LEDs or 20 bad-quality LEDs. Although many people think so, the amount of LEDs in a bulb is not the formula to know whether that bulb has a good or bad quality. In other words, the light emitted by a LED bulb is determined by the quality, and not the quantity, of the LEDs inside it.