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productos led garantia 2 años entrega en 24 horas precios led iva no incluido equivalencia lámparas led

LED floodlights for indoor and outdoor use. They are hermetic, making them ideal to replace outdoor halogens, since they are not affected by inclement weather. All our LED floodlights are designed in anti-corrosion materials in order to enhance their durability.

Masterled.es, the best LED floodlights with the best value for money.

LED floodlights for indoor or outdoor use replace the old sodium, mercury, halogen or energy-efficient bulbs. They shed a bright light, but still save up to 80% and are environmentally-friendly. These LED floodlights are perfect for using outdoors or lighting industrial units. Their long life makes them even more recommendable for environments where a strong lighting is needed. Unlike the aforementioned LED spotlights, LED floodlights do not emit much heat, being particularly useful for lighting when carrying out certain tasks or jobs. One the job is finished, the LED floodlight can be handled without fearing for burns. Our LED floodlights are based on a standard parabola and an aluminium body, with a highly efficient LED module, avoiding light decay and being very reliable thanks to their passive cooling system. Another special feature is that this LED floodlight does not emit ultra-violet radiation and thus does not attract insects. It can be installed in outdoor gardens, allowing you to have light at night without annoying insects flying around you. All our LED floodlights, both for the household and for the industry, have all the required Spanish warranties and certificates. If you have any queries or questions on outdoor LEDs, LED bulbs, LED tubes, etc. do not hesitate to contact us through our chat, telephone or email. We will be glad to help and assist you on our lighting shop in everything in our hands. Buy the best LED spotlights in the market at the best price on our online shop.