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productos led garantia 2 años entrega en 24 horas precios led iva no incluido equivalencia lámparas led

Find theLED strips that offer the best brightness and decoration in the market.  We have LED strips for indoor and outdoor use , the latter being waterproof., the best LED strips with the bes value for money.

LED strips have multiple uses. They are shock resistant and do not have filaments or glass, which makes them perfect to decorate almost anything, from pubs to cars. There are LED strips for indoor and outdoor use, and even waterproof LED strips, used in swimming pools, fish tanks, etc. When buying LED strips, we will usually find standard measures determined by the amount of LEDs that they have in one metre. The three standard measures for LED strips are 30, 60 and 90 LEDs per metre, and there are also strips with 120 LEDs per metre. 120 LEDs per metre LED strips are not recommended, since they generate excessive heat. They are likely to disappear from the market. When buying LED strips, we will find the most common measures are 3, 5 and 6 metres. These LED strips are cuttable every three LEDs. If you decide to buy cheap LED strips, you must check the amount of lumens per linear metre and whether this suits your needs, bearing in mind that the price can determine the quality and final brightness of the product. There are many cheap LED strips in the market, but you must be especially careful and check whether they meet the Spanish legal requirements. Masterled offers you a Spanish warranty in all our products, including our LED strips. We want to emphasize that LED technology is here to stay and that it has great advantages in terms of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. This makes this type of lighting perfect for the industry and the household, a true technological revolution. The wide range of products, LED fittings, LED spotlights, panels, etc. make the decision to change the lighting in our homes and industries much easier and simpler.