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Circuit breaker 2P 6kA

74 x 78 x36 mm
50 Hz
-10º / +50º
CE, RoHS, IEC60898-1
2 years
  • 16A
  • 25A
  • 32A
  • 40A
  • 3,15 €

    (3,81 € IVA included)

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    Mini circuit breaker (36 mm)
    Effectively protects electrical circuits against overloads and short circuits.
    Ideal for the protection of electrical installations in the residential area.

    - Number of poles: 2P
    - Breaking capacity: 6 kA
    - Curve: C
    - Maximum wire section: 25mm²

    Caracteristicas tecnicas :

    Size74 x 78 x36 mm
    Interior / exteriorInterior
    Frequency (HZ)50 Hz
    Working temperature-10º / +50º
    CertificationsCE, RoHS, IEC60898-1
    Warranty2 years

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    Circuit breaker 2P 6kA

    Circuit breaker 2P 6kA

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